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Unearthing The Unknown

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While sitting at a @blackgirlscode Dallas event, something was said that epitomized everything I do and believe but see encouraged at a very poor rate.

A gentleman mentioned growing up and taking a copper hairpin to fix the on and off switch on his old Atari 64 and I remember doing the same. However, as mentioned by the moderator, parents today will fuss and sometimes cuss at the child and say that they broke it, you damaged it...I spent all this money on this and this is how you...

We focus on the negative instead of an opportunity for discovery. Innately kids are built to be curious and naturally gravitate toward personal passions. However, we don't spend time in schools and in homes sometimes asking what our kids are fervent about in order to reach them where they are.

As a parents, my wife and I, who both are in STEAM fields, spend a ton of time sitting back and watching our kids. We started by simply placing things in front of our kids just to see what they could and would do with it. Once we saw serious interest in something we allowed for further exploration. Our oldest always went toward music; the keyboards, violas, and guitars in the house. Naturally, she ended up a Fine Arts Academy. However, she is a huge gamer, writer, artist and technology geek. So, while at the @blackgirlscode Dallas event where they plan to teach girls how to build and code video games, my daughter asked if I thought the instructors would let her build a game that combined all her passions. My response was "if not, I will!"

If we don't champion the drive for our children and students to curate from their curiosity, then who will? However, the key is meeting them where they are then planting and watering a seed of opportunity to move forward with their passions so they can unearth the unknown.

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