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Contemplating Change Revisited (Post From the Past For My Daughter Today)

I woke up this morning still feeling exhausted from delivering an all-day PD session yesterday and I could tell that today was a little different. Normally, the news is on as my Television turns on automatically in the morning to help me wake up. Today, however, the TV was off and my eyes opened to see my oldest daughter standing over me asking if she could skip school today because people were only going to be talking about the swearing in of our 45th President. As I scratched my head, and prepared myself for an interesting conversation with my 15 year old, my phone buzzed and this message anonymously appeared.

As I was in the shower this morning contemplating change several thoughts were dropped into my spirit so I thought I would share. 1st – change is hard. Everyone handles change at their own pace. Each person however, must come to terms and realize that the world as they have come to know it, will be different. And for some (most) it can be very unsettling. Whether it is as change in job, organizational changes, life changes, or political leadership changes. No matter the category of change, there is always an element of uncertainty and uncomfortableness from the familiar world or realm in which we have been operating. Well – I have some encouraging news! Not only can we embrace the positives of change, we can actually excel through the process. Here are a few areas of focus during a time of change and transition:

Competency – understand that things ARE changing. While it may be uncomfortable or even scary, you need to get with it and move forward! This may require you to learn new skills or step out of your safety zone. Don’t be afraid to learn and grow. Also realize that not everyone is excited for change and that there may be others that are not particularly invested in helping you to change. Be smart in how you approach others during change and keep your interactions positive and classy.

Compassion – understand that change is not an easy transition for everyone. Example - with the results of the election it is clear to see that our nation is divided. Some people are happy and some people are not so happy. Keep that in mind that in the democracy that we live in, everyone has a right to vote for their choice of candidate. And we all agree as a democracy to accept the winning results. Remember the excitement that is felt when your candidate wins and be sensitive that others may not feel that same way. So is the outcome when it relates to any type of change – some will be happy and others will not be happy. Be compassionate that change affects everyone differently especially depending on the outcome and impacts of the change.

Confidence – be confident in who you are and your accomplishments. Be committed to your values and in your future. Always stand up for what you believe. Embrace the challenges ahead in the mist of change with positivity. Communicate in effective ways of expression. Challenge yourself to try and see things from others perspective by asking questions. Talk about the change. Contribute to the change. Be calm even if there is conflict in change.

Christ – God is in control!! Because of Christ – we are adopted into a royal family and your father loves you. The lyrics from one of the songs in rotation on my playlist says – when did I forget that you have always been the king of the world? Always remember that God wants the best for us. Even through the process of change!!!! The most popular scripture in the bible is Romans 8:28 - And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Yes, God is in control as evident by the timeliness of the message. However, I know my daughter's concern was more about the division that she has witnessed since the election. So, I hugged her and told her that the country has always been divided. This election simply gave people the courage to say how they really feel. With that understanding, this is your opportunity to bring Christ into every conversation you can to put the attention on Jesus. It's not our battle to fight anyway... so don't worry about it and embrace the change by being the change!

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