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Brian Smith is the type of person everyone wants to work with, both inside and outside of education. 


In the realm of education, Brian is a champion of student voice and choice and wants to empower everyone in the classroom. He understands what students need, what teachers need, and how to find that balance to coach everyone through. He isn’t the type of person who thinks every EdTech solution works in every situation. Instead, he is deliberate in implementation and ensures that solutions are tailored to the situation.


Outside of education, Brian is simply a RockStar. With everyone I’ve worked with over the years, there are few people who are as infectious as Brian. He combines his kind heart with a sense of humor and I think he makes friends with just about everyone he meets. I appreciate his honesty, humility, and his ability to speak up for what he knows is right. He’s a rare find and I know I’m lucky to work with a change agent like Brian.


As Brian continues to grow and challenge himself, I know he will have a greater impact on those around him. He has already made a difference in the lives of so many students and teachers and I look forward to seeing what he will accomplish next.                                                                                                               



—  Emily Carle Hafer | Squirrels LLC Name, Title

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