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Hedriech Nichols

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Hedreich Nichols

Hedreich Nichols is a curriculum designer and Middle Years program district tech lead. She is also an equity advocate and consultant who helps teachers amplify the voices of all students. Using community learning and design thinking, Hedreich helps her students to see themselves as changemakers in a global society. Hedreich also has a series on YouTube, Small Bites, that focuses on "equity strategies for busy people." Hedreich, who received her Master of Education in edtech from Texas A&M University, is looking forward to the release of "What is Anti-racism" and "What is the Black Lives Matter Movement" this year, as well as an educational book for teachers on equity strategies. Prior to being an educator, she was a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, and she still enjoys writing and singing with her similarly gifted son, @SwissChrisOnBass.

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